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[04 Aug 2007|11:50pm]
i hate life, all i do is play world of warcraft.


[06 May 2007|09:39am]
i'm totally lame at romance.

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[24 Apr 2007|10:43pm]
"hello, this is ________ calling from d/r added value, an opinion reaserch company..."
alex trebek
wayne brady
the game
joey tribbiani
ac slater
lloyd banks

hahahaha i love my co-workers.

(1 !!! | chk)

[19 Apr 2007|12:13pm]

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[25 Aug 2006|09:59pm]
i made a shirt that says morgan on it.


[25 Aug 2006|09:55pm]
moms gone for the weekend. flatmate is babysitting cats.

home alone.
not doing the dishes, chain smoking, listening to everlast, eating carbs, sewing, watching christmas movies, bleaching everything, massive cleaning, elliott smith, videogames.

(3 !!! | chk)

[19 Jun 2006|10:31pm]
mom took me to the apartment today.
its beautiful.
and it really feels like home.
we might even get a cherry tree!!
my room is alot smaller, but i don't really care. it's perfect. and it has a door that goes to the bathroom.
and today we found out the dining room has these huuuuge doors that can close, although im not really sure if we'll use them.

im really excited to get away from the luxurious lifestyle he tried to keep up but couldnt afford.

peace out mercedes, hot tub, seadoo, stupid arguments and man-boobs.
i just want a normal family.

(2 !!! | chk)

[22 May 2006|09:10pm]
what have i gotten myself into?

(2 !!! | chk)

[20 May 2006|09:46pm]
i have this really bad habit of screwing myself over.
i'm finally off grounding, and i manage to piss my mom off so i can't go out this weekend.


[11 May 2006|05:49pm]
i just can't win with you.

(1 !!! | chk)

[17 Apr 2006|09:53pm]
i was reading my old journal entries today
i personally liked this one

"let's establish the diffrence between wants and needs.

i need to have heart surgery.

i want a sandwhich. "

(2 !!! | chk)

[16 Apr 2006|08:58pm]
this is my list of all the things im going to do because im grounded.
its for my personal benifit, dont bother reading this.
clean room of clutter
throw out old journals
get rid of unfinished art projects
finish sewing projects for christssake
do homework
clean basement maybe?
take my vitamins
throw out ugly clothes
finish reading library books before they need to be returned
stop giving a shit about other people
run every other morning
listen to moms old motivational tapes


[15 Apr 2006|08:35am]


[05 Apr 2006|09:30pm]
um horse the band were
..how can i put this



[05 Apr 2006|07:14am]
brand new is coming to toronto in july


(4 !!! | chk)

[03 Apr 2006|06:48pm]

meat is so good

(2 !!! | chk)

[02 Apr 2006|12:03am]
i cant believe that guy stole our chicken.
what an asshole.


[29 Mar 2006|09:43pm]
i wonder what love feels like

(2 !!! | chk)

[29 Mar 2006|06:44am]
i love the 90'sCollapse )

(7 !!! | chk)

[28 Mar 2006|08:46pm]

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd


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